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The Temple Denial Movement and the Evidence Against

Posted at: 2016-12-13 by admin

This video that was broadcast on Israel Channel 2 – Ulpan Shishi was watched by more than a million Israeli viewers just on Facebook. We’ve added English captions to make it available for viewers all over the world.

It is important to respect the narratives of people today, but this needs to be in addition to, and not at the expense of, real history. It is also easier to find common ground when relating to each other through facts and history than solely through hard-won respect for beliefs and narratives.

This is why our goal is to research and better understand what actually happened on the Temple Mount, then share it with the world. We want to encourage educated discussion about this sensitive subject that includes facts and history in addition to the narratives that different cultures have built up over time and that define their current connection to this important and holy place. If you want to contribute to this mission, give to our research now.